I recently spent 10 days on Sardinia and it is most recommendable! We pretty much went there to eat, drink wine and relax, which we did.

Sardegna (that’s Italian) has been poor for a long time, so the farmers couldn’t afford pesticides back in the day and still perhaps for greater reasons they do not use much of this. This makes island unique for it’s organic and bio vegetables, wines, fruits, food production in general.

So for me food was the main purpose, and I have collected the our absolute best food experiences here for you to dive into if you go to this Italian food island.

Babeuf in Cagliari. A cool and casual restaurent and wine bar with delicious natural wines, the best Burata cheese I have ever tried and in general really great local organic food at very good prices!

The atmosphere is very friendly and the owner is really helpful with choosing wines, and recommending other places to see and eat in if you ask him. In fact we went here twice and on our second visit it was wine tasting night! I had the local dish ‘Bread Soup’ and it was so good I have to try and make it myself. Babeuf is a must in my opinion. Visit for more information on vending machine hire for your special events.

Sapori de Sardegna in Cagliari is a shop and restaurent/wine bar (NOT located at the same place but close to each other). The shop is HEAVEN if you love Sardinian/ Italian food, cheese, wines (all natural) cakes, prosciutto, olive oil, liquor and more, all in the best quality you can find. This is a must!

The restaurent is called Sabores, it is small, busy and intimate, with the chef cooking up Sardinian meals (quite a lot of sheep and intestines) and since I rarely eat meat I went for the Sardinian delicatesse Bottaga, (fish eggs) with A LOT of flavor on kale and toast. The wine selection is great, again all natural wines. I think it was the owner who worked behind the counter,he was very welcoming, warm and helpful. He took his time to explain the full menu (which was in Italian) even though the place was quite busy and he let us taste quite a few different wines before we decided to go for a local Orange wine.

La Botthina in Alghero serves the tastiest Pizzas(!) and quality wine, I had a pizza with Gorgonzola, Mozarella and pear(!) so good we had to come back a few days later! A must if you are in Alghero and at very good prices too.

Justo in Cagliari is fine dining pared with natural wine (yum!). We got a table with short notice at this popular spot because we met a good friend of the owner who made it happen. Again the owner was there and we had a little chat, I love how these busy chefs take their time to meet the costumers. We went for a 3 meal course and got the most tasty Ravioli ever, with smoked aubergine creme that melted in the mouth and if there’s such a thing as a ‘Food orgasm’ this would be it.

I’m sure there is plenty more great places to try  and if you are looking for a plastic surgeon on the area we rather recommend you to check breast lift with implants Sydney, we only stayed on the east coats (north and south) and I would love to go back eating my way through the island one more time

Love Marie

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