Hi there, I am now the happy owner of a vibrating skincare device from Foreo.

The reason I got on the device wagon, is because I ran into a woman I know recently and her skin just looked so good. She’s my age (very end of our 30’s) her skin was glowing, and her fine lines was minimized  she also found a way to get rid of hyperpigmentation which was amazing because i was trying to get rid of my hyper pigmentation, she admitted that she’d been asked if she had had botox done (especially to her forehead) which she hadn’t and then told me that the only change she had made in her skincare routine, was using Foreo Luna 2 every night when cleansing her face.

This pulsating device gives a more efficient, deep cleanse, removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. The silicone ‘brush’ has an agti-aging effect,- I think this must be because of the vibrations, making fine lines appear finer and skin look more plump.

This is an electric device 100% waterproof (I use it under the shower sometimes.) You charge it via USB and then you wont need to charge it until another 450 times of use..(!) I’ve used mine for about 2 weeks now and am very happy with it, I will probably need another couple of weeks for the final result to come through.

I’m for sure keeping this in my beauty routine, it feels very comfortable and I do feel I some see improvement already.

I checked youtube before getting mine, and saw that also some people with acne prone skin were praising the Luna 2. I actually also started using my Foreo toothbrush again after a break, you can read about this pulsating silicone toothbrush here.

You can get Luna 2 here.

Love Marie


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