Bonjour! I just spent 2 days in Paris working, but also enjoying the pretty sights and great food! Although we were busy getting all the images we needed for our Pieces campaign you can’t help but enjoy this city,-  I really need to go to Paris on holiday, I only ever been there for work..  Looking forward to showing you the pictures we shot for Pieces directed by Hood Agency.

Love Marie

Umm I eat a lot when I’m traveling, that just means I have to work out once I get back home which is good for me anyways.

Nice view of la tour Eiffel.

We stayed at legendary Hotel Amour, I’d really like to stay here again.

View from my bed.

The hotel is located with lots of small streets around with speciality shops, like this stylish bakery.

The fourth floor where I stayed with pink walls and sexy pictures on the walls.

We ate at some very good restaurents, like Chez Janou which is a favorite of many of my danish colleagues in fashion.

Weather was mixed.


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