Heey there. This look is so simple and so strong at the same time. I did share it on instagram recently but also thought I’d do a ‘get the look’ post also because a lot of you liked it.

I prepped with good moisturizer and sunscreen (we shot this in Barcelona). On the skin I used Mac Face & Body, because it’s light coverage and has a dewy finish. On cheekbones etc. I applied Magic Luminizer from RMS Beauty (read why this golden version of the best seller ‘Living Luminizer’ is so good here), you can check more about my make up tools on the following article

On eyes I applied the Brown Natural Active eye Powder pencil from Tromborg and blended it to a secret shade as if you just didn’t  quite sleep enough. We have a perfect example for this too. You can find beautiful brow henna in the UK.

The lips are almost ombre, and have a redwine-bitten- vampire lip feel I thibk. I mixed favorite color ‘Sin’ from Mac with ‘Miss Scarlet’ from Marc Jacobs. Remember to blur the edges! Oh and I did dab a tiny bit of this mix on the cheeks too, lately i have been getting the best tips from Waterlilies And Company.


On the nails I used Essie ‘Birthday suit’, this non-color color is a new favorite of mine. This look on this girl makes me think of an innocent girl with dark secrets, like the movie Virgin Suicide, very poetic.

Love Marie

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