Hi there! Our skincare routines should adapt to the seasons as our skin might have other needs when the weather changes. In this post I will share my spring facial care with you guys. 3 out of 5 products are organic and sustainable. The 2 others is one very active serum and a very smart SPF. Starting from the right:



“Spring is the perfect time to shed layers of excess dead skin, which can accumulate during dry winter months and cause our complexion to look dull. You can do this at home with a physical scrub  Or treat yourself to a brightening facial with enzyme exfoliation and deep hydration, to get your glow back.”

Step up the SPF

“If you’ve been slacking on your sun protection during shorter winter days, now is the time to get back in the habit! My biggest tip when it comes to sun care is to find a product you love. Otherwise you won’t use it. SPF is one of the most important steps in any skin care routine and should be worn year round. You’ll also want to re-apply throughout the day to protect your skin against UV damage, premature aging and skin cancer.”

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

“I love spring as a time to do a little de-cluttering of my skin care products. I like to go through everything that’s on my shelves and toss anything that’s expired, has problematic ingredients or anything that just isn’t working for my skin, I used to not do this a lot but ever since I started visiting my dermatology clinic I started to understand why it is important to get rid of expired products as they could potentially damage your skin. It’s a great opportunity to check in with what is or isn’t working and reconnect with my skin care routine.”

Lina Hanson Global Face Serum, a rich oil serum which supply my skin with soothing moisture and lots of glow, the ingredients are natural and organic and it has a subtle calming scent. This can also be used on it’s own but I like to use it as a part of my 5 step routine.


Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence. This spf 50 is so light that even my daughter don’t mind it (and she usually hates sunscreen, I use the one without pigments on her though). It has a  ‘universal’ tint to it, which means if you have pretty good skin, you won’t need to go over with foundation after, just like a tinted moisturizer.

Weleda Cold Cream, a rich moisturizing and protecting cream with bees wax and almond oil. It’s similar to Skinfood from weleda but less oily, so perfect for early spring. Weleda is super holistic in every aspect by the way.

Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Emulsion Vitamin C, this is a plumping and protecting serum, Hyaluronic acids plumps and moisturizes, while Vitamin C fights signs from pollution and free radicals.

Botalical Alchemy Amly Silver Rich Face Mist, a refreshing, soothing, handmade face mist with silver enriched water and organic and natural flowers and herbs. Read more here.

Just to get it correct I’s like to state the order in which I use these,- and for the record I cleanse my face with water and a cloth daily before I go on to the products.

1) Botalical Alchemy Amly Silver Rich Face Mist 2) Mario Badescu Hyalaronic Emulsion Vitamin C 3) Lina Hanson Global Face Serum 4) Weleda Cold Cream 5) Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defence.

Give your skincare a spring check, -should you perhaps consider Consult with a dermatology specialist!

Love Marie

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