Hi, Tom Pecheux is one of THE absolute top makeup artist in the world. Tom has worked with all the big designers such as Chanel, Balmain, lanvan etc. and all the major magazines. Tom is currently the global beauty director of YSL beauty, but I had the great pleasure of working with him on the Maybelline New York team during NYFW.

I was trilled!!! Beyond exited to hear that I was chosen to be on Tom’s team for the Self- Portrait show. Tom was amazingly sweet, fun and professional to be around.


The look was inspired by British girls who likes to have fun,  who loves fashion, and are cool.


We created a lived-in eye, with black and pink eye liner that was smuged a little so it looked like these girls had been out partying in their makeup. For the pink liner we actually used a matte lipstick, Matte Metallics by Color Sensational in ‘Copper Rose’. The reason Tom chose to use a lipstick as liner was to make a ‘not perfect’ appereance. Also this lipstick is very durable due to the matte texture.

Mascara was applied to upper and lower lashes too.


The skin was natural with a bit of shine, for this we used Dream Cushion Foundation (still not in Denmark unfortunately, but L’oreal Paris has a cushion foundation that is very similar.) The face was contoured just a little with Contour V-Shape Duo Stick and we applied a little Master Storbing Liquid as highlighter to add glow and life to the skin.


The lips were kept nude but with a dash of metallic. We outlined the lips with Color Sensational Shaping Lipliner in ‘Purely nude’, the new lip liners from Maybelline are very good might I add!  Then we filled in with ‘Color Sensational Matte Metallics’ in ‘White Gold’


Working with Tom was the dream, he is someone I look up to and admire for not only his beautiful artistic work but also now since I’ve met him his personality. To stay this cool, embracing, kind and artistic after many years on top in the fashion industry is simply admirable.


Read about my others shows during NYFW here and here. .

All pictures are by lasse Bak Mejlvang.

Love Marie

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