Hi! I think this post is very important, because these are the beauty products that blew my mind in 2016. I wanted to narrow my list down to the absolute best products that were also new to me in 2016, so I did a top 3 to share with you, so you have the chance to benefit from these absolutely amazing beauty products which I’m so happy to have come across and come to love.

Bkr Reusable waterbottles, stay hydrated!

Ok you might think ‘What the h… ‘ But since the day I got one of these babies my skin and overall well being has simply become much better. I bring this bottle with me EVERY WHERE, so I can stay hydrated without even thinking about it. When the bottle is within my reach I automatically get reminded I’m thirsty and I drink. I also save lots of money, but more importantly I save the environment and look good doing so. I cannot praise this enough, it’s glass with rubber around, it never leeks and comes in the prettiest colors and different sizes. Get it here.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminte, brings your best forward!

The best highlighter/contour duo for natural contouring and highlightning I’ve tried till date! This works great on almost every skin tone (except super super pale skin, then it’s a little too yellow) and comes in two tones. Shade & Illumintae very is easy to use, -pretty much fool proof. The highlighter is light, illuminating and sheer making it blend naturally into the skin, the same goes for the low light (the dark color) defining cheekbones, jawline etc in the most natural way. With this you can enhance and define your face without looking like your wearing any makeup because it has a with a slightly dewy finish.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Get it here.

Karmameju Renew Age Defence Face brush, glow!

Yes, this little brush reawaken, renew, scrub and optimize your skin when your use it on a regular basis. You give your face a gentle massage (on dry skin) with 12 or so different strokes (a simple massage guide comes with the brush). I love to use it first thing in the morning (after my glass of water that is), I feel like my skin and face get the most comfortable awakening where I especially enjoy the stroke around the eye area. While I’m enjoying this mild massage my lymphs get drained (removing puffyness), my muscles, blood circulation and connective tissue gets stimulated making my skin look fresh and alive with an all natural healthy glow. Totally recommend it! Get it here.

So, these 3 will stay with me into 2017 and I’m sure for many more years. I Truly recommend them from the bottom of my beauty heart.
Love Marie

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