img_2771Hey there. I know it seems as if I had disappeared for a little, and in a way I had… I?ve traveled around Malaysian Borneo with my daughter, and wifi in Borneo couldn?t really pull a lot. Sometimes my phone signal was gone for days! Actually it felt quite soothing after the first day of internet rehab.

Even though a lot has already happened since i was in N.Y. some 3 weeks ago, I still would like to share a few of my favorite things to do when I?m there, so here goes:

fullsizerenderBreakfast at DIMES, a great place close to by Hudson river and in Chinatown. I love walking down Canal St. watching the morning buzz and Chinese seniors do their workout. DIMES is a small cafe/restaurant with healthy, tasty dishes. I really like the vibe and decor of the place and the staff is friendly and good looking, plus serve a really good coffee.

img_2705Pampering myself. For this I like to head uptown, to get a facial at MARIO BADESCU. I’m a big fan of Mario Badescu products (serums especially). This beauty salon isn’t super fancy interior wise, but the treatments are superb and that’s what I’m after! Plus I did notice some Absentee Owner Franchises for Salons available in the area, so I’m pretty sure they’ll be more salons opening in the future.

After a facial here, my face feels soft as a baby?s bum and looks super clear, plump and radiant!img_2674


img_4026 Lunch, An old favorite of mine is, CAFE GITANE, the one on Mott St. A busy French-Maroccan cafe in Nolita. I always come here when I?m in N.Y. I come for the food, but I also come to go down memory lane, thinking of when I was living in the city for a little while. Everyone should spend at least some months in New York! Gitane has become more busy than it used to, so be prepared for for that plus they don’t accept credit cards, but go.

fullsizerenderArt. The new Whitney Museum of American Art in the meat packing district is always worth a visit. I really enjoyed the exhibition with artist Stuart Davis. The picture above was my favorite. The building itself is also worth a look it’s very beautiful.

image-1Shopping. I don?t really get exited about shopping, plus I think I have pretty much what I need. BUT for beauty shopping I do recommend browsing through Barneys beauty department, Ricky’s of N.Y.  Sephora and regular drugstores like DuaneReade, where you’ll find good, inexpensive brands like Maybelline etc and in The States carry products from these brands you won’t find in Scandinavia.

img_2479Dinner. I dined at LAFAYETTE for the first time on this trip, our hotel recommended us to go there. Lafayette is a French style café and bakery on Lafayett and Great Jones st. in East Village. I had a very tasty 3 course meal and enjoyed being able to sit outside with my travel companions; blogger Emily Salomon and Sine Gerstenberg, head of PR at L’oreal in Scandinavia, Sine also runs the blog Sines Sider.

image-1Party. Although I usually don’t listen to Rock n Roll person, but I do like a good Rock n? Roll bar with some cool people I can watch and get inspired by. For this I totally recommend Rock N? Rolla in Williamsburgh. Here the beers are big, the music loud and girls and guys have character. Prepare yourself to hear a lot of old rock, glam rock and that sort, it?s fun!

I do hope that some of you will do yourself a favor and try some of my recommendations, and of course I hope you’ll enjoy it just as much as I do.

LOVE Marie

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