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Regitze for Ralph Lauren by legendary Bruce Weber.

Hi everyone, Meet Regitze Christensen age 22 ( in October), one of Denmark’s busiest international models, based in N.Y. but traveling the world working for clients like Celinè, Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana (yes you go girl!) and the likes. Regitze also does shows, and I met her at Copenhagen Fashion week where she wasn’t shy about sharing beauty tips experiences you get when working as full time hot stuff. It’s all for you dear reader to take notice of and perhaps steal a tip or two.


Celiné by Jurgend Teller.

What’s the most exiting modeling job you done?
I have to say Ralph Lauren. Because even though I have traveled around the world to SO many BEAUTIFUL places, Ralph Lauren has a special place in my hearth. I have worked with them many times now on campaigns and shows. Ralph Lauren is like a little family you become a part of once they choose you to work for them. I feel very honored and thankful! Ralph Lauren himself is one of my favorite designers – also because of his personality. He has such a good heart, cares for his models and take time to get to know his favorite models personally, a lovely man with a great sense of humor!


How do you stay beautiful when traveling?
I travel a lot and it’s draining for body and soul. Bad or non existing sleep routines, dehydration on airplanes, many many many lonely hours which can drag you mentally down.
I believe that beauty comes from being healthy in every way and starting from inside. That’s why I drink a lot of water on airplanes, use a facial mist from Avéne, hand cream from Kiehls and lip cure from Tromborg.

All the different time zones stresses my body, so I try to stay awake or go to sleep at the right time considered the destination day routine. On airplanes I read psychology / self developing books, I listen to music or write. Positive and creative thoughts make me happy and affect my mood and energy in a good way and that really shows in my apearence! Oh I also eat food supplements to stay healthy.


What’s your best free beauty advise?
I don’t really use a lot of products or have some special detox recipes, I eat EVERYTHING in moderation. I am not vegetarian, I am not on a gluten free diet, I’m not vegan. I do believe your body needs a good variation of everything, including supplements, their focus factor is amazing, plus I stay hydrated drinking plenty of water. My advise is listen to your body, work out differently every day, a long walk, run, strengthening, yoga, switch. Sleep 8 hours and start your day right. Be social and be good to your self. Laugh, live life and do what you want. It will all show on the outside and plant a beautiful smile on your face.

What’s Your top 3 products ever?
My eyelash curler refreshes a tired looking face and gives more visible lashes.
I always use Embryolisse lait creme Concentré mositurizer for my face.
I love my Tom Ford Velvet Orchid perfume, I think it makes me smell deliciously sensual.


Favorite thing to do in the whole world?
Sounds cheesy, but it’s to go home and hug my big family and eat my dads homemade, greasy food. When I travel so much and am surrounded by fancy people, dinners, events… there’s nothing more real and down to earth than to then spend time with my lovely family.

Regitze is repsresented by Elite Worldwide and The Society Management in NYC. YOu can follow her in her instagram right here.


Celiné by Jurgend Teller


Dolce Gabbana.


Ralph Lauren by Bruce Weber.

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