FacetuneHola honey’s! I’ve been asked if I could share my personal skincare routine with you guys. specially now that  I started using Natural Cosmetics Online products, and yes with pleasure I’ll do it! I have stuck to what I’m using now for a long time, because these products work for me. Plus I’ve added a newbie in the form of a serum recently. This is my daily beauty routine when it comes to my face, so no masks, scrubs etc. just down to the basics. Enjoy and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Step 1,- cleansing/ RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream.FacetuneI use coconut oil to cleanse my skin and remove eye makeup. It’s the best I’ve tried! Easy to use and leaves my skin moisturized rather than stripped from moisture like some cleansers do. This baby is cold pressed, organic and sustainable produced.

Step 2,-toner/refresher/ Karmameju LOVE Face Mist o1.FacetuneAfter cleansing and also after applying makeup, I like to refresh my skin with a soothing face mist, I like to use some of my korean skin care products for this. At the moment I’m using LOVE  from Karmameju. I also use this on the models at work and they looove it, it smells fantastic and is full or organic goodies.

Step 3,-serums/ Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Serum.FacetuneI’m a big fan of the Peptide Renewal Serum from Mario Badescu! I see and feel a huge difference, plus you see results almost imedietly. A blend of Peptide, White Willow Bark, Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice (just to name a few ingredients) Makes my skin look and feel more plump, healthy, radiant, and how can I put it… Youthful. You can read my previous post on the serum here.

Recently I’ve added another Mario Badescu serum, the ‘Cellufirm Drops’ because I wanted to do a little extra for my skin, after turning 36. I apply a pearl size drop to face and neck to firm, tighten and sooth overnight, with Collagen, Elastin, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid.

Step 4,- moisturizer/ Gaelle Organic Ultra Sensitive Anti Aging Cream. FacetuneThese creams adds so much glow and nourishment to my skin. I’ve been a dedicated fan of Gaelle Organic since this luxurious, organic and sustainable brand came to Denmark. Depending on my budget I use Creme Superior Anti Aging moisturizer, or when I have a little less money to spend I go for the Ultra Sensitive Anti Aging Creme. They are both superb!- But the Creme Superior Anti Aging Moisturizer has more active ingredients and is the better choice for mature skin.

Step 5,- eye cream/Dr. LaPrin Double Restoring Eye Cream. FacetuneI don’t always use eye cream, but at the moment I’m using this Korean multi tasking one from Dr. LaPrin called ‘Double Restoring Eye Cream’ mainly at night. I always apply any eye cream, left on my fingertips to my lips, I’m sure it has a good effect on the lip area too. This cream feels light and soothing, very comfortable.

Step 5,-Sunscreen/ Dr. LaPrin Liquid Sun Portector SPF 50PA.FacetuneOne of my best tips is use sunscreen!! You’ll thank yourself later. I use this (also) very multitasking Korean Sun protector WITH SPF50, it has a lot of benefits other than ‘just’ protecting from the sun, you can read my post about this bad boy here.

Shop till you drop my TOP SHELF beauty products here: RMS Beauty, Karmameju, Mario Badescu, Gaelle Organic. Dr. LaPrin.

Love Marie

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