A small product with HUGE impact.

Yes ya’ll I’m talking ’bout highlighters for the skin. The easiest and very often prettiest way to shape your face.

Contouring is still peaking, but a great alternative is shaping the face using just highlighter. This looks much more natural, has a huge impact, and is basically more consumer friendly because it’s much harder to do fatal makeup don’ts than it is with contouring. I know it sounds like I’m  bad-mouthing contouring, that’s not the case at all! – I just see a lot of women who over do it, and I promise I’ll do a post on SOFT natural looking contouring soon.

Alright back to my friend the highlighter, which comes in different forms, at summer time like l´now I like to use a creme or liquid product like ?Living Luminizer’ from RMS Beauty, it’a an organic, vegan creme highlighter with the perfect amount of luminating pigments which blends into the skin with perfection and creates a very natural result! I love it.

I you’re looking for more shimmer a good product is Mac Cosmetics ‘Lustre Drops’ which can be mixed into your moisturizer for an over all glow or dabbed directly on to the skin for a full-on shimmer effect.

During colder months, or if you prefer a powder product i recommend Tromborg Illumonating Powder in the color ‘Moon’ which also does wonders when applied to shoulders, collarbones and chins!

Where to apply highlighter:

Cheekbones and out towards the temples. -I also like to apply the product in a C-shape, from the cheekbone around the outer corner of the eye and up under the brow bone. Making the cheekbones pop and shaping the whole face, Boom!

Above or right on the cupid bow, blending out along the lip line. Making the lips look pouty and bigger.

Along side the bridge of the nose, making it appear smaller/more narrow.

Inner eye corner, making the eyes look more awake.

Get RMS Living luminizer here.

Get Mac Lustre drops here.

Get Tromborg Illumination Powder here.

XX Marie



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