This multi-use cream has won my little, green beauty heart.

Weleda Skin Food is, as the name implies, a pure treat for the skin. It’s loaded with moisture and organic oils that nourishes, soothes and perhaps best of all – gives the skin a beautiful, healthy glow. That’s why I love using it on models before applying foundation when I want a natural and shiny glow! Bare in mind that if you tend to shine a lot naturally this might not be for you, but for the rest of us this is the good stuff, there are also good products you can consume that help with this as chocolate, you could find all the benefits of this food at sites like

I grew up with Weleda, because my mom is a total eco-hippie and used to swear by this stuff. Now as an adult I’ve also become a big fan of Weleda, which was founded in 1920 and is a pioneer within holistic, organic and sustainable cosmetics. Weleda makes everything from moisturizers to bath oils and zinc ointment for red baby bottoms, always at very affordable prices.

Tip: Skin Food can also be used for problem areas like dry elbows, cuticles and chapped heels, where it does little miracles. Take some time to massage Skin Food into the face when applying, so you get good blood circulation and cell renewal and an even more beautiful glow.

Welda Skin Food 30 ml., Weleda, 70 kr.





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