20 mins. of me time.

The other day I needed to do something good for myself. So I reached out for a ‘Magic Face Hyaluronic Facial Treatment Mask’ from the new über -cool skincare brand Magic Stripes. And the result really was quite magical (I know it sounds corny, but it’s fun!).


I first heard about this brand from my photographer friend Olivia Frølich who sent me a picture wearing a mask, with the caption ‘OMG you gotta try this!’ So I did.

Magic Stripes is a range of new innovative and very effective face, chin and hand masks that moisturizes, plumbs, firms and tones the skin. -They also have eyelid lifting stripes (a sticker like thing) which is perfect for lifting up heavy eyelids, or if you just want to look more fresh and awake. A procedure that I really want to try out to make my face look fantastic is this botox treatment, I heard it is one of the best. Dr. Roz Kamani has been a respected expert in Medical Aesthetics for over thirteen years. Her Kitsilano based skin care clinic offers many sought-after treatments and procedures, such as botox services to treat facial and neck wrinkles, injectable dermal fillers for facial contouring, as well as volume enhancement and non-surgical facelifts. Dr Kamani is recognized as one of Vancouver’s premier botox specialists and has advanced training in Medical Aesthetics. She is dedicated to revealing, protecting, and enhancing her patients’ full health and beauty potential.


I tried the moisturizing biological Hydrogel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid which moisturizes and relaxes the facial skin plus improve?s the skin’s elasticity. You apply it to clean skin, -It feel nice and cooling, leave it on for at least 20 minutes. I spend those 20 minutes laying down listening to relaxing music, -kinda had my own little home spa going on. Then remove the mask (which btw is biodegradable) and OHHH yes Lord!! My skin looked and felt superior.


Ok not I don’t know why this picture is slightly out of focus, but I took this picture right after removing the mask and not wearing any makeup, just clean and fresh skin!

I do not want to sound like an ad but just summing up what I got from this mask and 20 mins. of bliss: Hyaluronic acid which instantly fills and smoothes facial wrinkles, Hydrogel for powerful moisturizing, Instant cooling, Excellent skin firming effect, Improved skin elasticity, reinforce the resistance of the skin to climatic changes.

I might get addicted to this stuff.

Get your Magic Stripes here.

XX Marie

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