Magnetic Lash up close.


I’ve tried the, much talked about, ‘Magnetic Lash’ mascara (get it here). It’s a duo mascara, which means it comes with two tubes. One with the regular, black mascara and the other is a thin brush, coated with black fibers. What you do is firstly apply a layer of mascara over your eyelash extensions, use the fiber brush on top before the mascara dries. I reapplied 3 times and this is the result. Firstly I thought it would make my lashes look a lot crazier. But what it actually did, was making them look quite longer, but not really fuller.

Even though it disappointed me a little, I still think it’s a fun gimmick and maybe it would work better on someone else’s lashes. Because no lashes are alike and I guess that’s why we have so many different mascaras to chose from!

xx Mette


The result up close, the lashes do look very natural and long.




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