Effortless, natural contouring on Lone P for Costume, makeup by me.

I love a good contour. I love the way it can subtly highlight the features of a face. It?s something a makeup artist do all the time on shoots. It?s Godsend! But if you do it wrong, it?s no longer a secret and it?s not supposed to show like a bright, red lip or a flicked eyeliner. It?s supposed to mimic the natural shadows in your face and give the illusion that you?re not wearing makeup, but you were just born with chiseled cheekbones.

So many women has hopped on the contouring wagon, but sadly it?s often done wrong and we?d like to leave the theatrical contouring to the drags and Kim K!
So, the best tips for good contouring is firstly choosing the right shade and texture. You?ll want the product to be matte and slightly cooler than your average bronzer. This product is not supposed to go across the nose or other places where the sun might hit. It?s not a bronzer –  It?s supposed to go under your cheekbones.

Notice where the contour starts and where it ends.

If you?re working with matte products on your skin, chose a powder contour e.g MACs ‘Sculpt’ (get it here) which we love. Likewise, working with creamy products, chose a cream contour e.g &Other Stories Cream Contour (which is always sold out!). That way you?re less likely to cake it up.
Skærmbillede 2015-05-06 kl. 23.51.05

Here I used ‘Contouring creme’ from & Other stories. I always use this one when I’m working with a dewy skin finish. This shot is from Elle magazine, makeup by moi.

Use a brush made specially for contouring e.g MACs 168 (get it here) or 109 Brush (get it here). Start with just a little bit of product and build up if necessary. Suck in your cheeks to see where the color should go and start by the top of the ear and stop just around the outer corner of the eye. That way you highlight your cheekbones without making your cheek look ?muddy?. Make sure the product is well blended!
XX Marie & Mette

Please leave the overly painted face to drags and Kim K. It just doesn’t look good outside the stage or camera.


And please, please don’t try to contour your nose. It rarely looks natural. Nicki Minaj knows!

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