Hi lovelies. These are the beauty goodies I brought with me while on vacation in Vietnam,-which aren’t ‘sun related’ that is, ( you can read about those here).

Dr. Rescue lip balm ‘Too Cool’ to moisten my lips and use as a highlighter on my cheekbones and bridge of the nose,- but only at night,-get it here. During the day I use ‘Organic Sun Stick  Spf 50’ from Rudolph Care to protect from burns and also moisten,-get it here.

Tromborg Deluxe Disinfection Hand Gel ravel size,-get it here.

Acai Facial Mist in travel size from Rudolph Care to freshen up,- get it here.

‘The Natural Pedicure Ritual’ from organic Kure Bazaar Paris, it’s such a nice little kit to use those days where you don’t have to do anything but relax, unwind and be good to yourself,- get it here.

MyKitch hairbands,- get them here.

James Read Liquid Tan. This might sound weird, but yes I brought this really good self tanning liquid from James Read ( my new fave self tanning line) with me, because apart from making me look slightly more golden before I even got a tan. Self tanning has a hidden and VERY good asset, because it’s great for protecting the skin against burns as the melatonin in the skin starts working when you apply it and you then prepare the skin for the sun, ALONG SIDE a good high Spf sunscreen of course! I read this in POLITIKEN (National Danish newspaper) last summer, more about this in a later post because I’ve known the benefits of this for a couple of years, but people just laughed when I talked about it including myself because I also thought it sounded a bit silly Get James Reade Liquid Tan here.

Shu-Uemura lash curler so I stay looking fresh, get it here.

Oh and my Maison Pearson hairbrush isn’t on the picture but of course I brought that one too.

XX Marie


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