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Lasse on set in the dessert, this job takes us to the most amazing places.


Professional hairstylist Lasse Pedersen and me started in the fashion business at the exact same time nine years ago and has since then done a lot of work together. I asked Lasse to share his best tips, thoughts, how to become a hairstylist and some of his work with us.

Q:What inspires you?

A: If you?re a curious person like me – ideas comes to you everywhere. From people on the street, art pieces, and music. Often from things that makes you wonder why.

Q: Name your two favorite product in the whole world.

A: I use TRESemmé?s Dry Shampoo on almost every job. It?s the best dry shampoo I?ve ever tried. TRESemmé?s just launched a new Sea Salt spray as well which is also becoming a new darling. I also have to mention, that I couldn?t live and work without my collection of Mason Pearson brushes.


Q:What do you think will be this summers hair trend?

A: I think we will see a lot of hair inspired by the 70s, clean, brushed and slightly done hair with heavy bangs. Another trend is the straight and simple looks, either cut in a sharp middle length – or a simple perfect slickback for girls with longer hair, which ever a girl chooses she needs to make sure to use the best tools from My advice would be: Keep it simple – but forget about the ?I-just-got-out-of-bed-Roskilde-Festival-hair?.

Lasse's work for Cover together with model Freja Beha.

Lasse’s work for Cover together with top model Freja Beha shot by Noam Griegst.

Q: Whats your best tips for young aspiring hair stylists wanting to get into the fashion business?

A: First of all – believe in yourself – and believe that the hair you do will make a difference in this jungle. Take the education as a hairdresser to learn all the important basics thoroughly. Get some experience by working with people and hair in a salon. Then find your favorite hair stylist and assist her or him for a year or two.

Lasse's work for DANSK magazine.

Lasse’s work for DANSK magazine shot by Bo Egestroem.

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Lasse is a master of wigs shot by Oliver Stalmans. I personally love this,-Marie


Q: I know it’s almost impossible, butcan you tell us your most memorable job?

A: I have a lot of good memories from my everyday work life. But a very special job must be when I worked on Muscat Fashion Week in Oman with the Danish team from Fashion Exclusive. The collaboration between Danes and Omanis was a big experience and we learned a lot about life and hair from each other. Fashion seen from two very different cultures was very interesting and Scandinavian style meets Arabic style was just beautiful.

Lasse's work for Costume.

Costume, shot by Sascha Oda, Oh I did makeup on this story 🙂


Lasse’s work for Costume shot by Sascha Oda Oh and makeup by me 🙂

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Soulland shot by Sascha Oda.


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Charlie Bredal shot by Sacha Oda.


Q:Finally, I know you love Berlin and stay there a lot, will you give away your secret favorite go-to place when in Berlin?

A: Even though Neukölln is invaded by hipsters from around the world I still love the atmosphere in that area. Take a walk in the streets close to Hermannplatz and visit all the cute shops and crazy bars. I can highly recommend the poached eggs and the Bloody Marys at Melbourne Canteen!

Berlin is also full of art and photography which I love. I try to find new museums every time I?m there. Go see Sammlung Boros if you like modern art and the Helmut Newton Foundation for photography. They are both Berlin classics!



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