I’m going to Gran Canaria very, very early this morning for work. I have to get up at 03am so even though it’s not an extremely long journey I bring my little feel-good and get-some-sleep kit with me, which includes:

A beautiful silk eye mask from Holistic Silk with dried organic lavender inside, this soft mask keeps out all light and has a soothing, relaxing effect on me.

Tromborg hand sanitizer to keep germs away,- always good too to have!

Weleda Skin Food in a little mini size,- ohh a new favorite!! A super rich, soothing and organic, fair trade all-purpose cream which I use for everything! My face, hands, dry elbows, you name it. It smells amazing, gives a healthy glow to my skin and is very affordable!

A refreshing and soothing face mist from Mario Badescu with rose and aloe vera,-the models all love this one!

And finally Tromborg lip balm to sooth my lips and cuticles and ear plugs I always get at the airport.

Get your eye mask here, hand sanitizer here, lip balm here, Skin Food here (it’s on sale!) and face mist here.

Ok so Bon Voiage to me!

XX Marie


Everything packed neatly ready to chill.


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