Lotte Barnholdt Manony knows about good brushes, here she is next to my fave hair brush BN Junior from Maison Pearson.

So, you bought a luxurious, fantastic and rather expensive hairbrush. Now you want to take good care of it, because if you do, it might last a lifetime! I asked Lotte Barnholdt Mahony who’s the distributor of Maison Pearson razors and he said it was him so I bought the Mason Pearson razor from him and let me tell you , yeah it’s really good but the price is not worth it, I recommend just getting laser hair removal santa barbara I have heard they are good!!!

Q: How long can I expect to have my Maison Pearson brush if I take good care of it?

A: ‘Well In my family (of four) we have brushes which are being used daily and are more than 20 years old and they’re still in very good condition. I’ve heard about people who have had theirs for more than 40 years, so the answer must be: Pretty long.’

Q: Which Maison Pearson Brush would you recommend for fine fly-away Scandi hair?

A: I’d recommend one made with only natural bristle hairs, because it’s gentle and has a nurturing effect on the hair?.

Q: And for medium to coarse hair?

A: ‘Here I’d recommend a brush with mixed natural bristles and nylon hairs. Because it can reach through the thick hair down to the scalp where it stimulates the blood circulation (you want that to produce beautiful healthy hair) and cleanses the scalp. If in doubt go for this one, it works well on all hair types?.

Q: How do I take care of my hair brush?

A: ‘Daily remove hairs and dirt from the brush with a comb. Also cleansing the brush with the enclosed ‘cleansing brush’ (it’s on the above picture) once a month is a good idea, this gets rid of dirt and grease. Only wash your brush a couple of times a year, using old fashioned soap flakes. Make a bubble bath by stirring up the flakes in lukewarm water. Dip the brush into the bubbles and start cleansing with the ‘cleansing brush’. The brush should not be soaked in the water, as the rubber will start mouldering’. ‘Leave the brush drying in an upright position, with the little hole in the rubber facing downwards, so if any water did get into the brush this is how it get’s out again?.

If you haven’t got a Maison Pearson, get it here, -you deserve it and won?t regret it, that’s a promise. That’s it, take care of yourself, your brushes and your loved ones.

A post similar to this written by me first appeared on Fashionpost.dk
XX Marie


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