Stephanie giving flawless supermodel face!


Oozing of sex.

Stephanie Corneliussen is a danish born model and actress based in L.A. She’s been featured in magazines like ‘Vanity Fair’, ‘VS. Magazine’ and ‘Treats!’ and she recently landed a cover on ‘Playboy’ and has a role in Steve Merchants movie ‘Hello Ladies’. Stephanie’s been so kind to share a few of her best tips with us;

Q:What are you up to at the moment?

A: I’m attached to a 2015 feature project and in awaiting the premiere of ‘Hello Ladies the Movie’, where I play a Russian ‘Victorias Secret’ model.


Her sexy 80’s feel ‘Playboy’ cover.

Q:How do you feel about being on the cover of Playboy?

A: My Playboy cover hit the stands in November and I’m the only other danish model to ever make the cover. Lykke May beat me to first place and  I love how it turned out! The photographer, Tony Kelly, wanted a Tom Ford vibe – I think we accomplished that.

Q: What beauty products never leaves your side?

A: My all time favorite skincare product is the “Midnight Recovery Concentrate” from Kiehl’s. It’s a botanical infused oil that totally revitalizes my skin over night. My favorite makeup product is Chanel’s “Vitalumiere Aqua” foundation with SPF 15. It provides flawless cover and doubles as a sun screen all in one.


Q: Any beauty treatments you can recommend if in LA?

A:Treatment wise I recommend trying a facial peel. I’ve had great results from ‘The Skin Specific Medical Spa’ in Santa Monica. If you’re in to eyelash extensions, try Winx Spa in West Hollywood.

Q: And what’s your fave spots in LA?

A:When in LA, the Earth Bar on Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood is a must. They have amazing, rejuvenating juices, shots and to-go snacks. All super healthy and mostly Vegan. For drinks I recommend the newly opened “The Nice Guy” on La Cienega. “The Roger Room” and the secret Hollywood hide-away called “No Vacancy”. For dining, I suggest trying my all Vegan favorite, “Cafe Gratitude” on Larchmont. And for a fancy night out, “INK” on Melrose Ave.

Q: What beauty product never leave your side?

A: If i had to mention one thing I couldn’t live without, it would be the “Balancing Rosewater Mist” from Jurlique. That, and my homemade skin tonic made from 2/3 spring water and 1/3 Bragg “Apple Cider Vinegar”. If you have acne, the latter is going to be your new religion!Skærmbillede 2015-02-02 kl. 10.02.48

Skærmbillede 2015-02-04 kl. 11.13.05

Stephanie has those bright, mesmerizing eyes – A makeup artist dream.

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