Nicci Welsh, professional makeup artist and founder of the Nicci Welsh Makeup-Academy, recently launched a set of professional makeup brushes. I’ve been so lucky to try them out and they are really, really good! The hairs are a mix of synthetic fibers and natural hair depending on the purpose of the brush. What I really like about these brushes is that the handles are a little thicker than usual and the surface is mat, so you have a nice steady grip on them which of course comes in handy when doing a perfect liner i.e.

If you decide to go for the whole set of 14 brushes your super covered and won’t need much more, brush wise. But  you can also come a long way with just getting some of them. Here are the ones that I can’t go to work without,- also perfect for home use!


The Eye Smudge,- OMG I love it! Perfect for applying eyeshadow where you don’t want a hard shadow line, I use it all the time when doing smokey eyes, get it here.

The Eyebrow, – which I actually use for eyeliner because it has the perfect angle and a good density to make the perfect line, get it here.

The Eyelash/Eyebrow, -probably the brush I use must on set, I use it to keep the models eyebrows in place and also combing/brushing the lashes through after applying mascara, get it here.

The Eyeblend,- superb for blending! This tool makes it easy to fade eyeshadow just perfectly, get it here.

Get the whole brush set here (psst-right now it’s on offer!).

Great work Nicci, I love my brushes!

XX Marie


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