Danish model Stepahnie Corneliussen on the cover of this month Playboy! I know Marie is having a post with Stephanie and her beauty routines very soon so stay tuned.

Ever since I ran around all over Copenhagen to find a copy of the Playboy 60 Years Anniversary magazine with Kate Moss on the cover – and luckily found it – I feel Playboy has gone from a lot of raw nudity to a more tasteful style and has taken the magazine a few steps in the fashion direction. I LOVE these pictures and am so excited for this development, sexy, cool and expensive looking!

Enjoy these pictures and keep an eye out for the new Playboy (note: this post is boob-heavy).

Has your sex life become something boring? Do you need tips for spicing things up? Then follow this list with sure-fire tips to improve your sex life, both for men and for women.

Sex Tips For Women

  • Try moving your body more

You don’t have to be too quiet during sex. Even during oral sex you can still place your hands on his head and encourage him to move faster. Men love when the woman try to be more active.

  • Try being more dominant

Slap your partner, get him on his knees and make him say words that you want him to say like, “Yes ma’am” for example. It will make him really horny.

  • Play with your tongue

Make him go crazy by making your tongue go wild, you can do this during oral sex or even during a kiss.

  • Be a bad girl

Scream, say dirty things, try new things and you will have your husband or boyfriend go crazy for you. Men love this tip.

  • Invest in products

Buy some products like body lotions and a good lube, it will give you guys a more enjoyable experience.

  • Try putting the condom on him

Men love when women take the control and put their condoms on. You can try it next time.

  • Teach him

You can tell him what turns you off so he can avoid doing it next time, or you can give tips on how to give a spectacular oral sex. Don’t be shy.

Sex Tips For Men

  • Slapping your partner can be very hot

Try to slap her in the same rhythm of the penetration. It’s not supposed to hurt, it’s supposed to feel good.

  • Watch porn together

Recently, more and more women have admitted enjoying watching porn. Maybe women are turned on by different things than men, but you guys can still find something for the both of you to enjoy. Give bluechew a try if you are looking to improve your sexual performance.

  • Talk to her while you kiss her

One thing that is sure to make her turned on is to talk to her while you kiss her. What about doing this when you get home from work? Or just before going to bed at night? Start by kissing her from top to bottom. Women love it!

  • Use your favorite perfume

A study by the University of Indiana found that women would get excited when smelling a perfume for men rather than one for women or a neutral one.

  • Try cuddling your wife or girlfriend with no sexual intentions

It can be done on the bus, in the car, parking lot, etc. And it will make you even more connected to each other. Resting your hand just above her knees is a good place to start, it requires intimacy but it’s not something sexual.

  • No TV in your bedroom

A TV acts as a distraction for the both of you, as well as a time waster. When the room is dark and quiet, it is more likely that she will have sex more often.

  • Explore different areas of her body

It doesn’t have to be all about the mouth, boobs, and her vagina. You could try kissing a different area like, her armpit for example.

Sex Tips For Couples

Play a fictional character.- If inviting a third person is not an option, then try playing a fictional character that is completely different from your personality. For example, if you usually don’t like to try different things, then be more acceptable to this now. Investing in a wig and costume is a good option for this.

XX Anastasia







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