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I got my hands on the 2 step gel-like nail polish from L’oreal Paris called Infallible nail Polish. It claims to stay put and pretty for up to 12 days so decided to take it to the test. And here’s my verdict: I’m pretty much addicted to it as it is right now.  As you can see on the pictures below I wore the color ‘Gris Eternal’ for 13 days. In that period I reapplied the topcoat 3 times. I traveled, and I moved an apartment, two things that usually messes up my nails but this polish still looked very okay. It’s easy to apply and very color rich, the topcoat dries CRAZY fast leaving the nails very hard and super shiny. This is a really good alternative to a professional gel polish, it’s quite a lot cheaper and it saves the time of going to the manicurist. I’m already on my second round wearing Gris Eternal, I think that speaks for itself.

XX Marie

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After 8 days wear.

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Day 13 and I took it off.

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My favorite color in the range at the moment ‘Gris Eternal’.

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