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I’ve been needing to tidy up my makeup kit lately as I (like most other anthuciats) collect more and more makeup I just have to bring with me to work. So the other day I started depotting my eye shadows. I had a case from Mac cosmetics with some empty spaces all ready I just needed to get the single eye shadows over into it.

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I do this by putting the single shadows on to a frying pan with foil. Then I turn up the heat and keep a CLOSE eye on it. This heats up the glue that makes the shadow stay in the plastic container. When it’s warm enough I use a little pointy knife to VERY VERY gently wiggle out shadow. I also lift off the name label from the back of the plastic container and stick them on the back of the metal so I still have the name and number of the colors.

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from left to right top: ‘Sweet Satisfaction’, ‘Uninterrupted’, ‘Keep Your Cool’ , All MAC and left to right bottom: ‘Diva’ from Makeup Forever, ‘Linger Softly’ and ‘Weathered’ from MAC.

-And here it is, my pallet of beautiful shimmering colors! Ohhh now I just wanna grab a model and start using them!


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