Marianne with her 8 year old son Aksel Emil.

This summer I started the holiday of with a cosy camping trip, sleeping in tents and being outside for a whole week with a bunch of good friends and our kids. The weather was great, the food was nice, the beaches beautiful, and the company even better!

Marianne Schrøder and her family is part of the friend-gang. She started modelling back in ’97 and has been on the covers of magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire and Numero. She has done campaigns for Hugo Boss, H&M, Jill Sanders, walked shows for Chanel, Fendi and many more. Marianne is still working but now also studying at university. She is the proud mother of two crazy sweet kids and her husband is one of the owners of Copenhagen based rental studio The Lab.

Marianne has super fair  skin and hair, bright blue eyes and freckles like no one else. She really takes the Scandinavian look to the next level! I asked her what she brought with her,- beauty wise that is, on our little camping trip and this is her answers:

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At least one glass of Rose every night and Exuviance Vespera Bionic Serum. Exuviance Multi Protective Day fluid spf15. Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex. Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex. and SUN GUARD Spf50.

I get a facial treatment at Exuviance in Copenhagen once a month, with a student discount it?s only 395kr/53Euro for an hour of pure bliss! I?m really happy with the Exuviance products and I feel that my skin has got a much more even complexion since I started using them. Also my skin needs A LOT of moisture and I usually have to use really fat creams to not feel like my skin is dry, but the Exuviance products are light yet super nutritious.

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Great products and a pair of feet in the background belonging to a friend of ours.

My husband was in Paris last month for work and he bought home a whole box of delicious Aesop products. On this trip I brought hand balm, deodorant and Aesop Geranum body cleanser. I just LOVE the smell of all Aesop products and when I use the deodorant for instance I really don?t need to use a perfume as well. When I?m in the sun I use a sun creme called Ombra Spf15 for the body, which I believe it or not buy at the ALDI grocery store of all places! It’s been rated one of the best sun protection cremes in the consumer magazine ?Tænk & Test? and it’s very affordable.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetMy hair is bleached and also curly so it gets very dry and tangles super easy. I use shampoo and conditioner from Label.M which I buy from my hairdresser. Every time I wash my hair I also use Kevin  Murphy “born again masque” without this one I can?t detangle my hair. When my hair is towel dry i apply Aveda’s Damage Remedy “daily hair repair”, it nurtures and has an anti frizz effect on my hair, I will also use hair extensions very often, you know what they say, Hair extensions are great for those who are looking to spice it up and that’s exactly my personality. Today, Beverly has her own wig and hair extensions collections, she is a big fan of wavy hair extensions. She also has an Eyewear line and a hair care company.

Marianne hardly wears makeup when off model duty, but she has these beautiful very natural looking lash extensions, done by Eva at Cph Lash, she get?s them refilled every 2-3 weeks. That’s smart,- especially when camping!


Friendships and fresh air, Marianne, Elli, Lise Isa and me.


walking to the harbor, taking the main road, yes really!


Sunset and good times at the beach where the camping site was, pure good vibes!

All the beautiful black and white pictures are taken by my good friend and old roomie Isa Jacob.

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