I’m sorry about the blurred picture, it was taken on my way to the station in my Christiania bike, it was a bumpy ride I guess.

Better late than never right?- And it’s the holiday season for me.. Ok here goes,- Roskilde festival, one of the biggest music festivals in Europe where I usually go for four days of music and partying. This year I decided to go for only one day though because I fell trying to be bad on a skateboard. But even with a bad knee I had to see one of my favorite music colab things or what ever you call that constallation: Major Lazer,- the performance was a serious PARTY!!! Well back to beauty, -apart from hand sanitizer and wet wipes which are of course essential for any festival this is what I brought:

Tromborg organic anti perispirant Herbal deodorant ,- I love the smell of it and it has been a personal favorite for 10 years soon.

Kloraine dry shampoo with oat milk, -one of the most effective dry shampoos I know and in a perfect little travel size to freshen up my hair during the day.

Rudolph Care Organic Sun Face Cream spf30, -organic, perfume and paraben free sun protection.

I’m addicted to lip balm and I always carry at least one with me. This time I brought one from the holistic brand Cowshed,- Lippy Cow Natural lip, and baby lips from Maybelline.

Enjoy my fave tune to dance to from Major Lazer feat: Busy Signal, The Flexican and FS Green.

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