This is one of my favorite Vogue covers ever.-The skin looks perfectly sun kissed, and the star and hat is just the kind of hippie weird I like! Snejana Onopka shot by Steven Meisel.

I am a SUCKER for rich dewy skin both when it comes to work and for myself and I always mix in a few drops of highlighter in my own moisturizer in the summer. I prefer highlighters in liquid form, they’re easy to mix with you daily moisturizer or foundation and I find that this gives the skin a more natural glow than when using powder highlighter.

If you don’t like an all over face glow you can just apply it to the cheek bones, bridge of the nose and a bit on the upper lip and you’ll look fabu!

Here’s some of my favorite highlighters that I wanna recommend you guys.

L’oreal Lumi Primer is a base primer but I like to mix it with foundation, Lumi has a pearly kind of glow. Strobe Cream from Mac is a classic in my makeup kit, a moisturizer with pigments that are a mix of pearl and almost fluorescent color, this is the one I’m using this summer. Sun Beam from Benefit has a golden glow that suits warmer and darker skin tones. Mac Lustre Drops comes in two different colors to choose from and is probably the ones I use most for shoots.


Loreal Lumi Magique Primer, Mac Lustre Drops, Benefit Sun Beam and Mac Strobe Cream.

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