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Magdalena Frackowiak’s body looks radiant and perfect here!

Get the most out of the heat and show off your body like you woke up like this! -See how to get super model worthy glowy skin with this video tutorial from  Charlotte Tilbury it’s really excellent. I personally like to mix the good old Nivea body lotion with Lustre drops from Mac, and if I need a perfectly evened out skintone I use Mac Face & Body foundation. When I go all in and add highlighter on specific body parts like collar bones, chins etc. I like to use  a powder highlighter from Tromborg called “Moon”. But you can play around and mix any body lotion with any loose shimmer powder. It might sound like a lot but makes a HUGE difference and you can always just use one thing and it will still make a BIG difference. It makes me more confident when wearing skimpy shorts despite my 34 years of age so give it a try.


Lots of gorgeous skin on show in the La Perla campaign!

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