Mariacarla Boscono has amazing brows! Here in Vogue Turkey October 2013

By Mette Schou.

Brows are unfortunately still an underrated facial feature for many women, it’s a shame because it’s amazing what a nice pair of brows can do for your face! Luckily the full brow has had a come-back in the past years and I LOVE IT, ever since I found out about this I have been getting eyebrow feathering castle hill services! Our hairs tend to get more sparse as we age so a full and thick brow can also make you look younger I know that is an asset for some. If you’ve over plucked your brows (like I did in my teens!), then you know how hard it can be growing them back. Put down the tweezers, use a growth serum and meanwhile, fill in your brows naturally with powder, pencil and/or browgel. -But make sure you don’t overdo it ’cause that’s almost as bad as a skinny brows! Here’s some great tutorials by two very different super pros – Charlotte Tilbury and Lisa Eldridge.


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