I created this semi drewy look with my all time favorite foundation a while ago.- Photo Philliph Messman, styling Nanna Flach, hair Mette Thorsgaard, model Kasia.

The Face & Body foundation from Mac is an all time favorite of mine. – I?ve been a devoted fan ever since the beginning of my career where it was introduced to me by a very eccentric french makeup artist at a show, -he was really funny and scary at the same time (no names mentioned).

This Foundation has a light to medium coverage with the PERFECT dewy finish,- this is what I love so much about it, the drewyness,- what we want  for summer time right?! I apply a small amount with a large”fluffy” foundation brush like the 187 from Mac or with my fingertips preferbly on it’s own so the natural skin texture and feckles (for those who are so lucky to have those) shines through. When I need a little more coverage and less “drewyness” I use a loose mineral foundation on top, Tromborg makes my favorite loose mineral foundations.

It also does wonders for your legs,- I apply a thin layer over pre-moisturized skin to even out the skin tone especially around the knee area which often has a darker tone than the rest of the leg, this works really well for pictures as well as in real life.

Now you know what foundation I use for that natural moisturized “no makeup-makeup” look that I love so much!


The foundation now comes in two sizes, -pracitical yes. I just snapped this sunny picture on our balcony in Tel Aviv where I just arrived for work.

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