foto 2-2

My favorite picture, dyed yarn hanging to dry in the streets of the Medina, Marrakech.


Now back from Morocco and the Elle Denmark shoot I thought I?d share a bit of Moroccan moments with you guys. Unfortunately I can?t show anything really from the shoots but I will post the stories when the magazines come out of course!

This was my first time in Morocco and I didn?t really know what to expect but I really was pleasantly surprised. The people I met were in general very friendly, helpful and with good sense of humor. Morocco is a beautiful country with burnt colors on the houses, olive trees, donkeys with carriers, men in oldskool traditional gowns etc. and the light and surroundings was perfect for shooting our fashion stories and covers.

The Riad Merstane inside the Medina were we stayed was like a little oasis and I loved it there! We had the whole Riad to our self and it was just perfect! The staff were super sweet and extremely helpful and we had an amazing chef who cooked for us every day, Oh her food was amazing! I got the best lamb I ever had in my life and there and Morocco,- by the way also has the best olives I have ever tasted! I hope I will get a chance to go back again at some point.

foto 1-1

Mint tea Moroccan style all day every day.


Long legs Dessert dance.

foto 4

Fashion director Mie from Elle Denmark taking care of business.

foto 4-1

Goats in an Aragan Tree..

foto 3

The Elle girls brought shimmering sun lotions from L’oreal.


Starting work at 5am I really need my morning coffee

foto 3-2

Also hard working..

foto 2-1

Late night work prepping false lashes.

foto 1

Inside the Riad Merstane.

foto 1-3

My “undone texturized hair” essentials.


Photographer Olivia Frölich and Fashion director Mie Juel at work.

foto 2

Loving my work station in our Riad.

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