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My 4 year old daughter made the little shell and coral decoration around our holiday essentials.

When on holiday I like to travel light. I only bring the essentials and especially on a holiday like this which is all about beaches and relaxing. I brought these few items that I can’t live without (okay plus the deodorant, toothbrush and mosquito spray):

I was hoping that the new sun range from Rudolph Care would be finished so I could try it out but that will have to be next time. So instead i brought an old favorite, – La Roche-Posey sunscreen spf 50+ (water resistant) for my face and for my daughter and La Roche-Posey sunscreen Spf 30 for my body. This brand has been a favorite of mine  for some years now when it comes to sun protection, I spent a lot of time and money on finding a high Spf sunscreen that works without making my skin white and sticky,-who want’s to be pale on the beach?!

Eau Thermale Avene after-sun repair lotion, this new for me to try out.

My daughters little pink Maison Pearson brush is enough for the two of us when traveling.

Carmex lip balm and one piece of makeup, Mac lipstick in “Ruby Woo” which I probably won’t use but just in case I need to look glamorous, I mean you never know right? All the best from beautiful Koh Phi phi!

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