“Dangerous” is a coral orange-based matte red lipstick and “Hue” is the nude with pink undertones

By Anastasia Hess.

I’m in London for a week to work and catch up with friends – you can really feel it’s spring here with 17 degrees and the city is buzzing with happy people and tourist. I LOVE being back!

Yesterday I went to a Mac store in Old Spitalfield Market where I brought a lot of empty Mac products, -basically the containers to them, Mac has a program called “Back to Mac” which gives you a free lipstick of your own choice for every 6 empty container you hand in. I had enough to give back to choose two lipstick, these are the ones I went for: “Dangerous” I chose cause I’ve seen Marie use it like a million times, she’s obsessed with the colour – and so am I! And I also went for a nude classic “Hue” which I think is a nice stable for the kit.

This program helps the environment and you’ll get a new lipstick, win-win! Sadly the program doesn’t exist in Denmark, I hope they’ll integrate it soon.


The containers you can give back comes in a box with this inscription


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