Josefine looking  beautiful in Danish Elle from the March 2013 issue shot by Olivia Frölich

I recently worked with model Josefine Nielsen who is always super sweet and very professionel to work with. We were shooting a campaign for the clothing brand MbyM inspired by organic clothing brands and Josefine who by the way has the most PERFECT skin (totally skin envy!) was happy to contribute to the blog by answering a few questions for us and sharing some beauty secrets. Thank you love,- and happy Sunday to y’all!

– When you don’t model you study, what are you studying for?

I?m studying international business and politics at Copenhagen business school. It?s super exciting, even though sometimes quit tough to combine with my work as it include a lot of traveling.

– You have the most beautiful skin; can you let me know what you do to keep it so perfect?

I never use makeup in my everyday life, but I always cleanse my face morning and night with my Lancome cleansing milk for sensitive skin. Afterwards I apply Aesop facial oil which provides me with a lot of moist. Furthermore I love my rose water spray from Tromborg, especially when out traveling as the air in a plane is so dry.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 13.02.22

-What’s the best tip you’ve learned working as a model you want to share?

I try not to wash my hair too often, but instead use dry shampoo as my hair is colored and doesn?t react well to too much hair wash. Also a lot of girls out there use too much makeup, actually you can get a very beautiful natural look by just applying a little concealer, curling your eyelashes and brush up your eyebrows.

-What’s your favourite memory from a shoot or show?

My most memorable shoot must have been my first time shooting Italian vogue with Steven Meisel, the whole setup was amazing at this old hotel in New York. He probably had 6 assistants, who then got assistants, and so did the hair and makeup artist and the stylist too. Everything was so well coordinated and professional, and as Meisel doesn?t work after 5 pm we had to shoot 16 pictures before that. Working in the industry you know that is quit the accomplishment!

Another amazing shoot was when I flew to South Africa to shoot DANSK. I was there for 24 hours, but I got to go on a safari eat 3 course meals, have the best time and shoot with the whole team in the most breathtaking location.


One of the pictures from the shooting for DANSK magazine Josefine tells about in South Africa

– What’s your three makeup and three hair must-haves?

1. My eyelash curler, as I have very long lashes I really don?t need mascara as long as my lashes are curled.

2. Lucas Pa Paw, which is the best ointment for everything. I got a whole bunch of it when I went to Australia as it?s very cheap there.

3. Rose water spray from Tromborg, as mentioned before this is essential when out traveling so much in dry airplanes.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 13.17.01

-Hair must haves:

1. Morrocan oil light, my hair is colored so it?s extremely important for keep it healthy. For this the Morrocan oil is essential. It makes is so soft and shiny.

2. Dry shampoo, I love the blue one you can get in Matas ( It’s called Frotte’ red.) .

3. Deep treatment hair mask, from Morrocan oil. My hair is often dry from all the color and products from shoots, so I never use conditioner but always a deep treatment from Morrocan oil for colored hair.



Josefine Nielsen was shot by photographer Katrine Rohrberg for Eurowoman in November 2013 for this fashion story


Josefine did the campaign for Bruuns Bazaar for Spring/Summer 2013


Shot by Olivia Frolich in this picture with Sophie Edenhoeg for Elle Denmark March 2013


Josefine lookes glowy and sun-kissed in Eurowoman from the August 2012 issue

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