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Wanting your skin to look young for longer then leading  a healthy lifestyle and getting the right fatty acids is essential. on the picture a young  Kate Moss shot by Anna Molinari.

During winter time you have to take extra care of your skin, which in almost all cases needs more hydration. The cold wind and the constant temperature changes when going from inside to outside or vice versa really dries out your skin, it steals away the natural lipid layer of the skin, causing it to dry out.


So – LOTS of moisture and hydration is needed, but it’s also important to make the moisture stay. It helps treating the problem from within and not only on the actual dry surface of the skin. It’s proven that fish-oil tablets (also called omega 3) is a great source to sooth and treating problems with dry and dehydrated skin. Here’s a little explanation to why:

Omega 3 provides your body with fatty acids that it needs but can’t produce on it’s own. It’s part of the healthy fats you can find in fish, nuts, avocado and whole grain to name a few. These fats helps produce new skin cells which is key to youthful glowing skin. Omega 3 It’s extra important if you suffer from dry skin, which is why you usually need it more in the draining winter months.  People with eczema really benefit from eating healthy oils too, this is something very helpful for those looking for hand eczema information. If you are on an oil-roll there’s other oils that benefits and nurture your skin both on the inside and outside like avocado oil, almond oil and jojoba oil (you can read more about jojoba oil here). On top of all this you also get a stronger heart, stronger joints and sharper brain. I think that’s worth investing in!

When I was pregnant with my daugther I was told to eat fish oils because this would help developing a healthy and smart brain so of course I ate lots and yes I do have a very bright young kid, weather it’s the oils a combination or what I don’t know but I’m sure it was good for her as well as for me.

When looking for a good brand of Omega 3 tablets, you should look for certifications of some sort, i.e. IFOS or the environment certificate FOS (Friends of the Sea).


Look at the type and amount of fatty acid the tablets contain, it’s best to get some with omega 3 from marine sources, there might be listed other omega 3’s but you should look for those called EPA and DHA (good fatty acids).

Choose a product which meets the international GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3) standard for purity and one wich is guaranteed by independent or 3rd-party testing.

It also differs quite a lot with the concentration, the amount of EPA and DHA can vary between 200 and 700 mg per capsule,  the more there’s in it the more you benfit from them. Here’s a link to a list of IFOS approved oils which contain 60% or more in concentration.


These are the ones I eat

I eat fish oils every day all year around and since I started doing that the little dry bumps I had on my upper arms and thighs are gone and my skin in general feels smoother. What’s not to like!?

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