urtegaardenI finally got around to go to Urtegaarden’s own shop in Sankt Peders Stræde 10 Copenhagen this weekend. I bought the same Jojoba oil as Hanni uses to cleanse her face with (read more about that here) I also got a facial mist with rose which has a calming effect on the skin. I spray it onto my face just it before I apply my moisturizer, it feels good and smells nice too.

I bought two essential oils, Geranium which should to be calming for the mind and body and a Grapefruit oil which is supposed to have an energizing effect. My idea was to sprinkle a few drops around my apartment to make it smell really good but when I reached home I realised that it was a pretty dumb idea as the oil will of course make stains, I guess now I will have to get myself an oil burner.

There is a lot of products to choose from in Urtegaarden’s shop! All with 95-100 percent organic ingredients and all at a very good price. If you are curious about making your own cosmetic like lip balm, body lotion, moisturizer e.c.t. then this is the place to go to if you want them to be with clean organic ingredient, the people who work here also teaches in making your own cosmetics and do workshops about it. You will find all the ingredients you will need for that in the store. They also have an online shop it’s

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