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By Anastasia Hess.

I’m really into the natural skin (I’m talking a foundation with light coverage or no foundation at all), but then you sometimes need a really good concealer for all the unfortunate places we don’t find so sexy. If you use the concealer wisely no one will tell it’s there and you look like you woke up like that! (quote Beyonce’)

My all-time favourite is one from Laura Mercier called Secret Camouflage; it’s matte, dry and comes in a pair of two colors so you have the freedom to mix them to get the right shade. It’s brilliant at covering spot and marks because it’s  dry and densely pigmented. I like to use it with a small brush directly onto the spot and then blending the edges by dapping with my finger. I also like to really warm it up between my fingers and then dapping it lightly on moisturized skin on any red area to reduce the color in a super thin layer instead of using a foundation. I wouldn’t recommend it for under the eye area, it’s a bit too heavy for the delicate skin – use something lighter and more moisturizing for that.

Laura Mercier isn’t too easy to get a hold on in Denmark, I know of one place in Copenhagen, Helle Thorup Spa which is at Gothersgade 43. Or go online at


Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer with a yellow- and a red-based color.

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