veneda goya

My girl Veneda at the Stine Goya show, I did her makeup and she wears it so well.

Stine Goya usually has one of the most interesting and reconisable shows during Copenhagen Fashion week, and this is most definitely not meant in a boring way! Her style and sense for colors and materials is unique and very much her own and Stine’s Show always reflects this. Beautiful prints, silk, leather and metallic colors often plays a part in her collections. And this was no exception.

The makeup look for this show created by Anne Staunsager in colaboration with Stine Goya was showing beautiful pearl skin with a lot of pearl highligther on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow (this reflected BLUE on the runway because of the blue light setting, it looked awesome!) The detail in the look was a little shimmery turkeys soft dot under the eye, in between the lashes and even a little bit on the rim of the eye to create an illusion of blue eyes on all the models. Black mascara on the top lashes and the brows left natural,- just brushed neatly into place and the lips too were left natural only with a bit of lip balm.

Hair by L’oreal Professional key hairstylist Mette Thorsgaard.

Photography by Polina Vinogradova

Loreal Goay look of teh day

The makeup look carried out by Anne Staunsager. Photo borrowed from L’oreal Denmark.


Darling Louise P getting the last tuch-up in the line-up.


I need these GOLD slippers.


Models looking hot! Shi Xing Ling was my model crush at this Copenhagen Fashion week.


Mia, Marianne and Louise P, stunning and sweetest girls!


My Assistant Anastasia working fast with the body lotion in line-up.


Mia Hessner and Stine Goya herself both looking gorgeous. Check out the highlighter on the model behind Stine.

These are the products we used: 300 pure_pearl L_Oreal_Paris-Teint-Lumi_Magique_HighlighterMascara-noir-Volume-Millions-de-Cils-So-Couture-L-Oreal-Paris-13-50_portrait_w674


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