Team L’oreal, from left: Sine Ginsborg, Louise Polano, Anne Staunsager, Liv Winther and the one making the Victory sign is your truly.

Today I have been meeting up with stylist (and Fashion editor in chief at Cover magazine) Emelie Johansson and the team behind Mads Nørgaard to go through all the different models and test the makeup and hair looks we want for the show. Lasse Pedersen who is a great hairstylist from the same agency as me is key hairstylist on the show. It’s going to be SO cool and I am really exited about it. Oh and the model cast is just amazing! Working with these guys is always such a pleasure so I’m sure tomorrow will be a busy but wonderful day!

I also met up with the L’oreal team today and Anne Staunsager (key makeup artist of L’oreal Denmark) showed us the different looks that we will be doing and they all look stunning! It is always very inspiring to work with Anne and I always feel like I come home with new knowledge after working on her team. Now it’s off to bed!

PS I just saw on Instagram that there will be a DJ perfomance by Baby in Vain at the Mads Nørgaard store late in the afternoon tomorrow if you are in the area! foto

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