Cara Delevigne in Love magazine photographed by Mert and Marcus, I hope she remembered the 3 minute rule

Maybe you already know this, but I’ve talked to many who didn’t so I thought I’d share my knowledge with you. This is my best tip ever  on how you lock the moisture in your skin. And here it is: Always, yes always smooth your moisturizing cream, lotion or oil on to damp skin.  I’ve read that in fact this should be done within 3 minutes otherwise the moisture has already disappeared from your skin and then there is nothing to lock in. I totally feel this on my own skin (especially in these cold, dry winter months) if I’m a bit too slow with the cream my skin feels tighter and just not as elastic and comfortable as when I moisturize straight after I come out of the shower and while my skin is still damp. Keeping the bathroom door closed and the humidity in  the room while buttering up gives you extra time and the moisture stays in your skin and gives you much more benefits from your cream. So remember that, always be good to your skin. You will thank yourself later I’m sure!

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