S104COS141-page-001Here’s a little Sunday reading for you about…Me. Costume, -one of my favorite fashion magazines in Denmark, has a little beauty feature in their January issue about what I do to keep my skin, hair and e.c.t. in good condition during the winter months. Give it a read you might get a tip or two (something about omega 3-6-9 oils and some other stuff) Thank you for the kind words Anne Mønsted/Costume beauty editor. Enjoy and have a beautiful Sunday!

Oh yes by the way, it has come to my attention (thank you google analytics) that I have quite a lot of non Danish speaking followers so I have done my best to translate the article into English, some sentences might sound a bit funny but I’m sure you get the point.


Marie Thomsen is one of the (Danish) fashion industries most highly demanded makeup artists. Read here how she keeps her skin beautiful and survives the cold winter months.

IN THE MORNING IT HAS TO BE EASY, and fast for me to get ready to go out into of the door and into the world, so I cleanse my skin with Rudolph Care Cleansing milk while in the shower and moisturize my face with A-Derma Exomega face and body cream, on top of the cream I use a nurturing face oil from Suki.

BEFORE I GO TO BED, i cleanse my face with lukewarm water and a face sponge which has a gentle exfoliating effect, then my skin is clean and ready for moisture.

IF YOU HAVE VERY DRY SKIN, then mix a little almond oil in your body lotion, it adds extra fat moisture so you skin gets by in the cold weather.

I SURVIVE THE WINTER BY EATING, oil supplements omega 3-6-9 fat acids, they strengthen and nurture the skin from the inside and is not only good for the skin but also the joints, mood and concentration.

MY THREE MAKEUP MUST HAVES EVERY DAY IS, Face & Body foundation from Mac, which is a light coverage foundation, a creme blush to give MY face a bit of glow and a good lip balm so my lips look well sought after and attractive. You can also dab a bit of lip balm on the cheekbones as a natural highlighter and the brows so they don’t look mat and dull.

I DECORATE MY NAILS WITH light natural nudes tones for my everyday look and darker tones like plum and dowe-gray when I go out. I generally like healthy, well looked after nails so I love Kure Bazaar and Essie’s neutral colors.

LESS IS MORE, so use makeup as a tool to be the most beautiful version of yourself, and not to hide behind your makeup. Don’t over do it unless you are making a statement with your makeup.

WHEN I AM WORKING  I can’t live without my tools, I can not make a beautiful makeup without them and I swear by brushes from Mac.

MY FAVORITE SCENT, has for the past years been Untitled from Maison Martin Margiela. Is smells fresh and spicy at the same time so it works for me all year around. But I am also curious to try the Escentric Molecules scents.

I KEEP MY HAIR HEALTHY by washing it about once a week because washing too often dries out both scalp and hair, especially in the winter. Besides my hair looks nicer when it’s a little undone. I use a shampoo and conditioner from Less is More and a treatment in my ends and lengths for extra nurture.

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