So a friend of mine, Maiken Winther who is the fashion editor at Danish magazine Costume and has the cool and elegant blog, recently told me this: You should have posts on your blog with yourself in them, the readers like to know a bit about the person who has the blog. Oh dear, well here we go… My first post starring myself is about the makeup i wore on new years evening. Like I wrote in the previous post I was a bit inspired by the look for the Marni show AW13. With stained lips, clean skin, and an almost non existing eye shadow just to frame the eyes slightly.. I decided to also wear mascara though, I needed a bit of glam and I’m also not a 17 year old model. So I used a brown mascara so it didn’t get too heavy with the rest of the look as I feel it would if I had used the usual black.foto

First I applied a bit of of Mac Face & Body foundation mixed with a bit of Mac Lustre drops in “Sun Rush” on super moist skin, L’oreal Lumi concealer to cover up dark circles under my eyes. Then Tromborg eye powder pen in “Brown”, and because it’s creamy I like to use my fingers to blend out the edges, I also used L’oreal Million Lashes mascara in Brown. Then Mac brow pen “Lingering” to enhance my non existing brows. On the lips I wore Tromborg Lipstick Jumbopen in Red no. 10 and Tromborg lip balm. I applied the lip pen to the center of the lips and then toned it out with my fingers and at last i wiped my finger around the lip line to remove any unwanted lip color so that the edges was a bit blurred. I dabbed the little residue of lipstick i had on my fingers on my cheeks as blush. On my nails I wore Essie’s “Shearling Darling”.

This Look is quick and easy to achieve and and it went perfectly with the black dress i wore.

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