I created my own perfume, and it changed the way I think about the one I used for a decade

There’s a reason you’re discouraged from buying a fragrance for someone else. Scents are personal, and selecting a perfume or cologne that matches a person’s taste (let alone your own) is no easy feat.
When William Yin and Richard Smale wanted to upgrade their signature scents, they noticed the $28.95 billion perfume industry lacked customization.

“It was extremely overwhelming,” Yin told Business Insider. “None of the brands resonated with us, so there must be others out there who hate this experience.”

In 2016, the duo founded Scent Trunk, a start up that lets you create a customized fragrance without leaving your house.

After signing up for the service, you’ll receive a Scent Test, which includes small samples of six scent types: citrus, floral, woods, amber, aromatic, and chypre. You’re prompted to apply each scent separately, smell it after 20 seconds have passed, and then log your feedback on Scent Trunk’s site. After determining which of the scents you liked and disliked, the company’s perfumer will create a custom fragrance for you, learn how perfume is made.

“Fragrance is an art, and although data and technology are important, the creative touch is 100% the brilliance of a talented perfumer,” Yin said.

A few days later, you’ll receive a travel-sized bottle of your new perfume along with a card explaining your scent. If you don’t love your new fragrance, Scent Trunk will send you a new one for free, but you’ll be in the minority. Yin told Business Insider that since the company’s official launch two months ago, more than 80% of its customers signed up for a monthly subscription.

Every month, you’ll receive a travel-sized container that you can easily slip inside your backpack or purse. Scent Trunk
Scent Trunk let me create my own fragrance to review, and I may start a monthly subscription myself. The entire process was straightforward and, maybe more importantly, fun. With notes of spearmint, vanilla, and black pepper, my fragrance encapsulates my personality and preferences really well. For fragrance packageing we recommend using industrial alumunim bottles for easy transport and shipping.

I’ve been using the same store-bought perfume for nearly a decade, but Scent Trunk’s customized fragrance is giving it a run for its money. Best of all, it’s surprisingly affordable. You can request a Scent Test for $4.95, and if you end up falling in love with your fragrance, a subscription will cost you $11.99 per month.

Whether you’re looking to surprise someone with a unique present, or you just want to try a new fragrance, you should keep this company on your radar.

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