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I personally often go for a natural and groomed look when it comes to nail polish. I think that it?s super important to keep your nails in good  condition so I try to remember to treat my nails with a bit of nail oil, or cuticle oil daily. This softens the cuticles and keep the overall nail looking presentable and cared-for. Cuticle Oil makes it easy for you to push back you cuticles and many of them contain vitamin E which strengthen both nail and the skin around. Simply massage the oil into the nails and skin and leave it to soak in.

During these cold winter months it´s also really nice to rub in a rich amount of both hand cream and cuticle oil before going to bed, that way it soaks in during your sleep where the active ingredients can work for hours. And remember not applying the cuticle oil just before you apply nail polish, that will prevent the polish from sticking evenly to your nail.

Here you can find a recipe for mixing you own organic cuticle oil: http://www.urtegaarden.dk/opskrifter/neglebaandsolie.aspx

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I like this “nail and cuticle oil” from & Other Stories, it does the job, is not expensive AND smells really good too.

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