screen-shot-2017-05-08-at-20-53-28Hey you. I have had the pleasure of testing LA based makeup artist Lina Hanson’s sustainable beauty range. It is small but with everything you need, -keeping it simple yet great. During the process I have become a total addict to the Global Body Serum. It feels like HEAVEN om my skin after a good dry brushing and shower. The oil leaves my skin super soft, glowing and I absolutely love the ever so subtle, slightly cake-like scent.

The Global Body Serum’s key ingredients are Apricot kernel oil, full of vitamin E, Argan oil (my fave clean oil of all because of the great results I’ve seen using this) Argan oil hydrates and protects from premature aging and free radicals.  Brazil Nut oil which is rich in alpha and oleic acids which helps smooth the skin.img_0118

I am all for the philosophy with which Lina Hanson runs her company, here’s a copy small paste from the website: ‘ We team up with women’s cooperatives and farmers globally to source our ingredients. By sourcing ethically harvested ingredients, we are able to create opportunities that help make a positive difference in peoples’ lives around the world.
With the same commitment we use when sourcing the world’s most sought-after ingredients, we also believe in giving back to the people and organizations that help make a change.’

Get it here.

Love Marie