Hi, Because I’ve been asked a few times if could break down what products I use on my own skin, I’m here giving you my 7 step night time skin care routine (although it sounds like a lot i really only takes me around 4 minutes). I’m starting the night routine because nights is the time to really help your skin regenerate itself.

Step one: I cleanse my skin with a mitt or wash cloth and luke warm water, sometimes I use Aesop Parsley Seed Oil, a nourishing, comforting  oil cleanser I written more about here.

Step 2: I spray 3-4 sprays of Rudolph care Mist Delight on my face, the spray has a refreshing and calming effect and is a great prep before next step (and over makeup too).

Step 3: Serum, I use 2-4 drops of the plumbing, regenerating Peptide Renewal Serum from Mario Badescu. It’s really good, you can read more about it here.

Step 4: Now I massage 4-5 drops of face oil for extra rich moisture and glow, I find that oil is the key to glowing skin. I use Love 01 Age Defence from Karmameju, which is full of regenerating ingredients like Vitamin A, E and natural anti oxidants.

Step 5: Moisturizer, my night time moisturizer doesn’t really feel like a moisturizer, Beauty Pacifique A Vitamin Cream Metamorphique  cream is such a bad-girl of a vitamin A cream, so regenerating and rebuilding that I wouldn’t live without it. You can read more about it here.

Step 6: Sometimes I use an eye cream, these days I use Hydra Floreal Everfresh eye cream from Declore, a light and comfortable eye cream.

Step 7 (and last step): M2 Lash serum ans Brow serum, I use these growth serums around 3 times a week to keep my lashes full and long (I never wear mascara) and to have at least a little brow (I was born with whimpy brows and  the 90’s didn’t make it better). You can read more about M2 here.

So that was my bedtime beauty routine, I hope you found it useful and I’ll try to do my daytime skincare routine soon too, because there are some differences to the two.

Lots of love Marie

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