Hi there! I’ve just finished ’21 Day Booty Core’ an online work out course that promises to work you booty and core and give result within 3 weeks. It took me 4 weeks, I had lazy days plus I also became slightly stressed by the pressure of having to work out every damn day. Any way I wanted to share this because it actually worked really well and I have to pass good tips like this on to my fellow women!

It’s 21 days, 30mins. a day and you need a mat and a rubber band, the band is not necessary but it’s only like 3 dollars and gives you a much more powerful workout, so use it for your booty and thighs sake. The course is on DailyOm a website I am new to, this was my first course. I was expecting the video to look a little more beautiful i.e but who cares when it works?! The course is 20Dollars (you can pay more if you want but that’s optional) and then you have it forever so I will probably do it again soon.

I’m not gonna put a picture of my beautiful behind here because it just feels weird but you have my word that this works. I also made sure to eat pretty healthy and not more than what is good for me in this period, Obviously if you want to be extremely fit then you need to workout more than 30 mins a day but this totally kick started it for me. Now I just have keep going to the gym or doing my yoga and booty workout at home.

Love Marie

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