Hi, last weekend I did a instagram story roughly stating the products I swear by at the moment, and many asked me for more info,- so here it is broken down and with links.

I am 37 years young, I try to live a healthy life in general, but I also like a good party, a cigarette and a drink. Also I try to sleep enough but that can be hard when you work a lot, have a kid and travel. But in spite of this I do have good skin compared to my age. I am sure that this is partly genetic, lifestyle related BUT also very much how I care for my skin, with products matching my needs.


From the right you find the Marie Badescu Peptide Renewal Serum, which I use every night under my cream, but it can also be used during the day, I do this sometimes when my skin needs a little extra. Also this is great for dry skin, so perfect for winter! I’ve used this serum for quite a while now, it is a powerful peptide formula that renews the skin making it glow and targets sign of aging.

The oil. I always use a face oil, because it gives huge amounts of glow and makes my skin feel super comfortable to be in. I am using Glow Face Oil 01 from Karmamaju. I use this under my day cream, -I sometimes use it at night too over my serum and I love to freshen up my face during the day by applying of few drops of oil over my makeup. Check out the latest
nerve control 911 reviews.
The night cream is a powerful Vitamin A cream I use every night. My skin is not sensitive so I can use this pretty strong Vitamin A cream often. Vitamin A is like an iron for skin, working on evening out open pores, sun damages, fine lines etc. The formula is a bit dry but who care when it works magic. Read more about this great cream here and get Creme Metamorphique here.
Fianlly my day cream these days is Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream from Kiehl’s. My friend recommended me this and I do think it is great. The cream renews and restores with Manuka honey and Ginsing, also 99% of the ingredients are natural. It provides lot’s of moisture and radiance without being greasy.
Love Marie

*This post contains gifted products and shopping link, I never recommend something I don’t approve of personally and shopping link is for your convenience.

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