Hi all! If you are struggling with enlarged pores (hi yes that’s me) then you do not want to miss out on this piece of important advise. With enlarged pores being my least favorite beauty part of becoming older, I called on some expertise info from Danish beauty nerd/queen of all Anette Poulsen.


Anette is a no bullshit, beauty encyclopedia. She’s the founder of and auther of the bestseller ‘Sådan får du super hud’ (how to get super skin).  I know she has done a lot of research in the field of aging with grace, and i wanted to know what I could do to make my pores appear finer, and obviously share this information with you,- here we go!

Q: What is the best treatment for enlarged pores? A: The best treatment to minimize enlarged pores is to combine Salicyl acid also called BHA with a Vitamin A product. Because BHA is one of the ONLY ingredients that can actually cleanse the pores making them appear smaller, while vitamin A has ‘lifting’ effect on our skin, or as Anette calls it a ‘flat iron’ effect on lines, wrinkles and pores.

Q: At what age should we start using Vitamin A products? A: Actually you should start as soon as you see the first signs of clogged pores, which can be as early as 10 years old! But if you are starting at a young age go for a milder version such as Environs AVST-gel.screen-shot-2017-04-13-at-21-27-57

Q: Can I use vitamin A products on a daily basis? A: Yes, but you should start slowly and then over time you will be able to use Vitamin A daily, always  read the instructions and follow accordingly.

Q: Do I use it day AND night? A: Yes you can, but it is VERY important to to wear a high SPF over (which you should always do in any case red.) – Remember sun also enlarges our pores.

Q: Do I apply Vitamin A over or under a serum? A: Actually Vitamin A products comes in serums, day and night creams, As mentioned in the beginning you will maximize your results if you combine with BHA, which usually comes as toner, so if you use them together (I obviously recommend this) then the toner (BHA) goes on first, then your Vitamin A product.

Q: Is there anything I should be aware of before I start using my Vitamin A product? A: Yes absolutely! If you are too keen and start using too much too soon then your skin will react and become sensitive. This cannot be stressed enough! Start out slowly, keep a close eye on how your skin reacts and use the products as advised.

Q: What vitamin A products do you recommend? A: I always go for beauty brands which specializes in the skincare field I’m going for. So when it comes to Vitamin A products it would be Eviron, Beauté Pacifique, SkinCeuticals and Zo Medical, I also suggest to check the benefits of vitamin K2 and D3 that can also help you out.


Q: How long before I will see visible results? A: 4- 6 weeks if you use the products accordingly.

I’m definitely going for the 2 step option with BHA (bonus info; Anette recommends the BHA lotionen from Environ or Skin Smoothing Treatment from Danish Skincare )and Vitamin A starting next week. Thank you so much Anette for sharing your valuable knowledge!

Love Marie


  • Emilie

    Hej Marie. Kan du fortælle mig hvor jeg kan købe et af de to BHA produkter du nævner? Jeg vil meget gerne prøve det af sammen med A-vitamin creme nemlig 🙂 på forhånd tak!

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    • Hej Emilie, Jeg vil selv gerne have den fra Eviron og er på sagen, jeg tror muligvis den har skiftet navn siden blogposten da jeg heller ikke nu selv kan finde den.Jeg har kontaktet Eviron og vender tilbage når jeg har info 🙂
      KH Marie

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