Hi! I’m often introduced to new great beauty products, but never have time to pass on to you guys, and that’s bad. As much as I love sharing my knowledge on beauty with you, I am working more than full time as a pro mua and have a daughter, -single mum style. So I’ve decided to give this a try; collecting a selection of my latest go-to products every month, because you dear reader, deserve to know about the good stuff that’s out there (tried and tested by me of course)! These are my October additions to my personal beauty routine.

Balmain Paris Texturizing Salt Spray. Whoop, Balmain hair range is here! The products look stylish and keep their promises. This Texturizing Salt Spray adds definition, texture and volume and can be used in damp or dry hair.

Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer, OMG. This brow enhancing fiber bad boy is crazy effective. I got it in New York when I was there for NYFW and  this is by far the best brow product I’ve tried. I personally double my (skinny 90’s) brows when using this. It’s not available in Denmark (yet) but every one has a friend who’s in N.Y. so make them bring one back home.

A new scent. I rarely change my perfume, often I don’t even wear one. But /L from Nasengold has what I like, Sandelwood, Bergamot, Smokie Jasmine and Amber to name the key notes. A perfume that can be worn by a man or woman and has me smelling my own cashmere more than once.

Dry brush your face. This is an ancient beauty technique that Karmameju brought back, and it’s the best way to awaken your face. The dry brushing massage has a gentle exfoliating, draining, and stimulating effect on my skin. Used in the long run dry brushing will also reduce fine lines. I especially love working the brush in circles around my eyes, it feels sooo good.

M2 Eye Lash Activating Serum, I need my lashes back in full effect. They’ve had a bit of a hard time for some (unknown) reason. So I’ve started using M2, to kick start the process of getting fuller natural lashes.

A new moisturizer. I had a superb facial at Mario Badescu in N.Y. and my beautician finished my treatment with applying Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer. I was so pleased with the facial and my beautician seemed so competent in her work and recommendations so I decided to try this light weight moisturizer, which by the way has spf30 in it.

So there you have it my October beauty hot list.

Love Marie

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